Zelena akcija's Activist group

The Activist group is a group of enthusiasts and volunteers who actively contribute to the work of the Zelena akcija. We are all of different professions, interests and skills, but we share values that guide us in everything we plan and do. The group is a place for learning, exchanging ideas, creating and we proud of our horizontal structure. We have two primary goals: support the campaigns of Zelena akcija and empower young activists so that in the future they can launch environmental and human rights initiatives themselves.

Throughout the year, we organize dozens of advocacy campaigns, workshops, activist training sessions, movie screenings, panel discussions and bigger projects such as Environmental Film Festival, which we have been organizing since 2014. Members of the Activist group are also representatives of Croatia in the European Network of Young Environmental Activists - Young Friends of the Earth Europe.

Values and principles of the activist group:

  • Ecological, social, gender and economic justice
  • Nonviolence
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Inclusiveness
  • Solidarity
  • Voluntary participation and collaborative action
  • Participatory democracy
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