Environmental film festival

E?! Okolišni filmski festival (The Environmental Film Festival) was first conceived in 2014 by the Activist Group of Zelena akcija, Friends of the Earth Croatia. The aim was to bring the environmental topics closer to the new and wider public through documentary and feature films, as well as other content.

From the villages on another side of the world and small actions that result in big changes, to international contracts behind closed doors, we care about it all! We believe that environmental justice consists of ecological, social and economic justice, and that we cannot observe them individually if we want to achieve the systematic change that we advocate.

We screen films and organize discussions, workshops and related content that informs and inspires, in order to encourage critical thinking, social change, solidarity and action. The Festival is passionately and voluntarily organized by the Activist Group, and regardless of the resources we have, the entrance to all content is and always will be free. Our primary goal is to spread awareness and mobilize, not to create profits, so...welcome!

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